Kristijan Goluza

Kristijan Goluza

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 189 lbs


22 Gersmoanne 1657 MG



First Appeared

A Lake Most Deep

Kristijan Goluza is the mandrite of the temple to Naum Gropa in Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

He is a member of the Enchelei tribe.

He comes from a family of merchants, both great and small, who have operated in Achrida for centuries. He chose a life of religion than pursuing a life of commerce.


From the Books

I examined him. His long beard had turned gray. Neither slim nor large, he moved with a steady strong step more reminiscent of a smith than a scholar. Ink stains covered his blunt hands. He sat, looking at us with strong eyes that betrayed his weariness and sadness. Bedarth would have loved loudly and contentiously arguing with Kristijan late into the night.
A Lake Most Deep


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