Founded: 431 MG
Government Type: Empire
Capitol: Basilopolis
Ruler: Nikephoros II
Region: West central Allyria and nothern Matarica
Pronunciation: mah-KY-ra

The Empire of Makhaira is a powerful empire located in west central Allyria and nothern Matarica. It is bordered by the Matriarchate of Periaslavl and the Middle Sea to the north, the Cuananiar Ocean and Qafric Wastes to the west, the Kingdom of Matara and the Gulf of Doris to the south, and the Transallyrian Mountains to the east.

The Empire of Makhaira officially came into being when Emperor Alexius I moved his court to Basilopolis in 431 from Sabin, founding city of the Empire of Sabinia, now known as the Old Empire.

It is currently ruled by Emperor Nikephoros II, the eighth member of the Petraliphas Dynasty. He took the throne in 1692 MG following the death of his brother Nicholas III.

The capitol of the Empire is Basilopolis, founded in 274 MG by Basil II Makrembolites, Emperor of Sabinia.

It is divided into 34 provinces. Generally, the provinces reflect the tribes who historically lived in the region.