Maja Mrnjavcevic

Born: 8 Wynmoanne 1694 MG
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 136 lbs
Parents: Danko Mrnjavcevic and Luca Mrnjavcevic
Pronunciation: MAI-ah murn-yav-CHEH-vich

First Appeared: The Eyes of a Doll

Maja Mrnjavcevic is an aspiring Pathfinder in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

She is the daughter of Danko Mrnjavcevic and Luca Mrnjavcevic, a niece of Piriska Mrnjavcevic, and a grand-niece of Vukasin Mrnjavcevic.

She is a bencriht thegn of Edward Aethelredson.

From the Books: "The other Pathfinder, a small, dark-haired girl, bristled as Arkady laughed.

'Raw as new linen on a sunburnt shoulder.'

The girl glared at both of us."

- The Eyes of a Doll , p. 42