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Svellheimish Language

Svellheimish is the language spoken in Svellheim. It bears many similarities to Kreisic and Sevenish since all three derive from Nordmannish.


Carl (karl): A trained warrior. Sometimes spelled karl.

Drottning (drot-NING): Queen.

Gestir (gest-EAR): Guest. Also the term for a specialized servant of the konung. These often serve as spies and policemen.

Jarl (yarl): Major noble of Svellheim, usually the ruler of a steading.

Konung (KOE-nung): King.

Runelord (ROON-lord): A person skilled in Line Magic.

Steading (STED-ing): The main political subdivision of Svellheim. Generally steadings include a number of towns and are ruled by a jarl. The konung has specific expectations of each steading depending upon their location, places within the steading, and size. There are currently 43 steadings in Svellheim.