Gropa Family

Gropa Family

Zupan: Pal Gropa



The Gropa Family is the leading family of the Enchelei tribe of Dassaretum Province in the Empire of Makhaira.

Its current leader is Pal Gropa, who is the zupan of the Enchelei.


Gropa Mansion

They have a large manor house in the Gropaseverni neighborhood of Achrida overlooking Lake Achrida.


From the Books

Achrida is technically a part of the Empire, the capital of the province of Dassaretum. But that is only part of the truth, as the descendants of the Dassaretae compete with the descendants of the Enchelei to rule here. Their governors, called zupans, know that they are the true rulers here. The zupans squabble against each other. The Dassaretae are led by the Mrnjavcevic family, and our zupan is Vukasin. The Gropa family leads the Enchelei, and Pal Gropa is their zupan.
- A Lake Most Deep


Gropa Crisis of 1712