Vukasin Mrnjavcevic

Born: 16 Wynmoanne 1970 MG
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 206 lbs
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pronunciation: VOO-ka-seen murn-yav-CHEH-vich

First Appeared:
A Lake Most Deep

Vukasin Mrnjavcevic (1670 - Present) is the zupan of the Dassaretae tribe in Dassaretum Province in the Empire of Makhaira during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

He lives in Mrnjavcevic House in the city of Achrida.

From the Books: "He reminded me of Piri. Short, fairly broad, relaxed, and confident. Lush beard with trimmed hair. Basalt eyes. He felt connected to the bones of the earth, so much so I wondered if he was a stonelord."
- A Lake Most Deep , p. 212