Kreisic Language

Kreisic is the language spoken in the Kreisens. It bears many similarities to Sevenish and Svellheimish since all three derive from Nordmannish.


Arschloch (ARSH-lok): Curse meaning "asshole."

Bladmann (BLAD-mahn): Literally, "blade-man." It is the term for a leader of an einheit. The feminine form is bladfrau. The plural form is bladmaenner.

Depp (dep): Curse meaning "idiot."

Dreckskerl (DREX-kerl): Curse meaning "son of a bitch."

Drucht (drookt): A group of two or more kriegers led by an edler.

Edler (ed-ler): Leader of a drucht.

Einheit (ine-HITE): A group of 30-60 soldaten. Its warriors are much more highly trained than those in a drucht. The plural form is einheiten.

File (file): A group of 5 soldaten led by a rottmeister. Five to ten files make up an einheit. Its warriors are much more highly trained than most kriegers.

Hafnkreisen (HAWV-en-KRY-zen): A kreisen centered around a port. Given the scarcity of good ports in the Kreisens, these tend to be larger and more wealthy than most.

Hurensohn (HURR-en-SOWN): Curse meaning "son of a bitch."

Khreyn (crane): Horseradish.

Kreisarch (KRY-zark): Literally "leader of a kreisen" in Imperial. It has become the standard term in both Imperial and Kreisic, though other, local terms for the position are often used as well.

Kreisen (KRY-zen): Region. A kreisen has no particular size and can be as small as a single manor or a large province. It is all dependent upon the amount of area the kreisarch can control.

Krieger (KREE-gher): Warrior. Highly-trained warriors are called soldaten.

Scheisskerl (SHYSS-kerl): Curse meaning "shithead."

Soldat (SOUL-dot): Highly-trained warrior. The plural form is soldaten.