Amyr River

Amyr River

Region: Southeastern Allyria



The Amyr River flows from the Kolyvan Mountains to empty in the Beloye Sea. Much of its path goes through Amyr Oblast in southeastern Matriarchate of Periaslavl.

It is navigable for much of its length, though its swift current, especially in spring, can often hinder travel upstream. Nevertheless, it is a major trade route between eastern Periaslavl, southern Euskalerria, and northern Amaranth.

In 1652 MG, an army led by Sergei Timurevich defeated a large horde of steppe nomads that had invaded Periaslavl at a bridge over the Amyr. This defense of the bridge is now celebrated in story and song throughout Periaslavl, most notably the play Sergei at the Bridge.