Welcome to the Shijuren wiki. Here you will find all the characters, locations, in the Shijuren setting created by Rob Howell .

The first series in the World of Shijuren focuses on the adventures of Edward Aethelredson. He came to the Empire of Makhaira hoping to earn entrance into the Imperial Guard. Instead, he has found corruption, murder, and the other normal forms of business in the Empire. He carves himself a home in the city of Achrida, where his education, sword skills, and outsider status allows him to solve all sorts of problems.

The second series centers around the turbulent region known as the Kreisens. The region consists of unnumbered areas ranging from a single manor to an entire province, each controlled by a kreisarch who wants more land, wealth, and control. The area is fertile, but the constant raiding and warfare has limited its success. Worse, all of their neighbors look at the region as a source of wealth, but none dare enter with significant forces lest the rest of the neighbors gang up on them. Some are trying to save this land, but others are trying to stop them.

The Adventures of Edward Aethelredson

A Lake Most Deep Almd200 Teoad200 Wntr200
The Eyes of a Doll
Where Now the Rider
When Valor Must Hold Wvmh200
Containing the new Edward short story, "What's in a Name."

The Kreisens

I Am a Wondrous Thing Iaawt200 Bimf200 Ncmm200
Brief Is My Flame
None Call Me Mother

Other Stories in Shijuren

Dragons & Dribbles: A Corner Scribblers Flash Collection w/ guest author, Rob Howell Dragonsanddribbles200
A story of Rabah and Jamie Muniotz

Mewithmug100 Rob Howell is the creator of the Shijuren fantasy setting, an author in the Four Horsemen Universe , and editor of When Valor Must Hold , an anthology of heroic fantasy. He writes primarily epic fantasy, space opera, military science fiction, and alternate history.

He is a reformed medieval academic, a former IT professional, and a retired soda jerk.

His parents discovered quickly books were the only way to keep Rob quiet. He latched onto the Hardy Boys series first and then anything he could reach. Without books, it’s unlikely all three would have survived.

His latest release in Shijuren is Where Now the Rider , the third in the Edward series of swords and sorcery mysteries. The next release in that world is None Call Me Mother, the conclusion to the epic fantasy trilogy The Kreisens.

You can find him online at: www.robhowell.org , on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00X95LBB0 , and his blog at www.robhowell.org/blog .