Order of the Fortress of Rabah

The Order of the Fortress of Rabah is a knightly order founded by Rabah Munioitz and Jaime Munioitz in 849 MG.

Originally, Rabah and Jaime were zalduns, but became Readers and founded a Library in 842 MG. However, in 849 MG, when their Library and its surrounding area was threatened by Amaranthine raiderr, they donned their armor and weapons and defended the region, which broke the Readers' Oath.

Rather than assigning the punishment that their actions earned, Helena Zsófia Korrapati?, Precept of the Readers at the time, ordered that Rabah and Jaime found this order.

Its task is to learn all it can and defend the innocent, as befits both Readers and the two brothers.

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